Solicitations to corporations and foundations (usually in the form of written proposals) are submitted through the University of Utah Corporate and Foundation Relations Office. The Corporate and Foundation (CFR) program encourages philanthropic support by matching donor interest with University needs and priorities.

Welcome to the new Corporate and Foundation Relations pre-proposal and proposal submission page. Starting today, you will be able to track/save/access all pre-proposals and proposal you submit (moving forward) using the online tool Submittable. You will also be able to see all the open calls for pre-proposals available to you, received instant notifications, and have the ability to review any comments and edits to your submissions. This system will help streamline the limited submission Corporate and Foundation proposal process in a big way – as we roll this out, we welcome your feedback.


Please contact Dhiraj Chand, Director for Corporate and Foundation Relations, with any questions - 5-9847,


 The Kahlert Foundation uses a two-stage application process.  In this first stage, your organization must use this form to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to provide a brief overview of your organization and the project to be considered.  The LOI enables us to determine if your request for funding fits our Mission Statement prior to you taking the time to submit a full application.

Only successful LOIs will move on to the full application process where you will be required to submit a detailed application and participate in a Site visit or meeting.

The board typically meets three times a year. Grant requests (LOI and full application) are to be submitted at the beginning of the previous month if they are to be considered at that board meeting. The earlier a grant request is received the greater the likelihood the grant will be reviewed and presented at the next board meeting.


 By January 1 for February Board Meeting

 By May 1 for June Board Meeting

 By September 1 for October Board Meeting

The Kahlert Foundation’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. 

Please comment on your progress against your attainment of the objectives of the project, even if the project has not been completed.

Alternatively, you may provide any form of an annual report that contains similar information to what is requested below. 

 Please let us know if you have any questions.  


Please use this page to submit your LDS Charities Project Final Report Form. You can find a link to the Final Report Form here. Once completed please upload the form.

Please contact Emily Newey ( with any questions.

Thank you!

Your campus area recently received an award from the Kahlert Foundation. We ask that you please complete the post-grant form below to summarize how the Foundation's grant has been utilized and what progress has been made.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!
The Development Office only coordinates the post-grant report submissions for a handful of Foundation including the (Dumke Foundations, Eccles Foundations, Watkins Foundations, and the Hemingway Foundation). 

Though we don't require you submit your final reports to us, we always appreciate a copy. Please complete the form and upload your documents below. Please let Emily Newey know if you have any questions (801.585.3398|